We have raw Michigan Honey available and we love it!

Throughout our evolution, it has become a disadvantage to us ever since our methods of sugar processing have become more complex, trading quality for quantity. Sugar has become a cheaply traded commodity, and seemingly added to every type of cheaply made and processed food. It has been publicly accepted that over consumption of processed sugar can cause many health issues with your metabolic health, weight, heart heath, and has even been linked to feeding cancer.

Many people are becoming more conscious of their health, and processed sugar has come into the cross hairs. You can of course try to consume much less sugar or try to do away with it altogether, but there is a much better alternative! Raw Honey- a much more beneficial, nutritional, natural, and in my opinion more tasty alternative.

Honey has been used by humans for at least all of recorded history and it has been at the center of healing, cultural, and religious traditions.

What exactly is Raw Honey?

Raw honey is:
  • Extracted directly from the hive using a honey extractor into a primary holding tank
  • Filtered through something like cheese cloth to get the bee legs and left over wax out into a final storage tank
  • Poured into containers for the final consumer
  • No heating or pasteurization takes place, preserving all of the healthy benefits of the enzymes, vitamins, and phytonutrients.

Honey is a combination of nectar collected from flowers, water collected from sources near the hive, and time. The bee’s will collect the water and nectar, mix it together in TINY amounts within comb, and dry it to the PERFECT consistency before filling a comb with the final product and capping it off. They of course are storing they honey for their own use as food later (like in winter).

This is a lot different than the commercialized honey you are going to get from a big box store in the plastic bear that has that has been heated and you can basically see through. This honey has virtually no nutrients left and lacks the robust flavor profile found in raw honey.

Seeing particles of (honey)comb, propolis, pollen, and maybe even an occasional bee leg is completely normal in raw honey depending on your producer. These ‘floaty’s’ in themselves contain part of those benefits that makes Raw honey so highly sought after for health reasons.

Raw Honey Characteristics

You can find Raw honey in creamed (peanut butter consistency) or liquid form. Over time, the liquid version of raw honey can become a more solid/crystalized form. This can be easily solved by just heating the honey up again in a hot water bath.

Colors and consistency’s can change based on the type of flower nectar gathered by the bee’s, but can be anywhere from yellow to brown to a more white-ish color. It may be clear, it may be a bit milky, or it could even be opaque.

Raw honey does not necessarily mean organic honey. You may see labels claiming the honey is organic but unless you see an official USDA label, there is no guarantee. In order to have an officially organic honey, an apiary must meet very strict standards and rules set by the USDA. This means there cannot be traces of pollutants, pesticides, antibiotics, or other forms of harsh pest management in the hive or honey.