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Raw Honey

Raw Honey

You just can’t get this robust flavor from the see-through honey at the big-box store!



We have built a cozy and diverse garden where our hard working bees produce all sorts of honey and nectar.

Love Bee’s

Love Bee’s

It’s about more than honey. Bee’s are exceptional creatures that play a vital role in our food chain. We realize and respect that.

Our Honey Is Never Cooked, It Is Always Raw

to preserve flavor and health benefits
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What our clients say

I was happy to know that I could get this amazing flavorful honey in my area, my kids love it! This is just great what you guys do, there needs to be more young Beekeepers!

Martin Moore

Thank you for letting me see some beehives up close and personal, having a bee lick honey off my hand was an insane experience!

Melissa Fray

Thanks for the delicious honey, I put that stuff on everything!

John stevens

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